Our Club

ESYDA organization’s institutional goals are to:

ELEVATE the youth: their body, spirit and life perspective to good, to great, to nothing short of the highest they could reach in life

EDUCATE for a brighter future: educate them to academic success through the highest score in school, college education, social and life skills development

INSPIRE to greatness in mankind: inspire them to embrace dedication for noble worthy causes, community building & transformation, to dream big & aim high.

EXCEL as athletes, leaders, citizens & human beings: their level playing field, standards & passion to excellence in every endeavor, every walks of life, transcending continuously their limits, capacity, with resilience to excel for nothing short of unparalleled performance in sport, soccer and life.

BUILD & transform communities.

EMPOWER & support economic growth.

GROWING a pipeline of good citizens, leaders, high performing economic and soccer players of tomorrow.